We have over 30 years experience in property management.

We will look after your property as if it were our own.

We keep your property advertised on top internet sites until we have a qualified tenant.

We carefully select a tenant, after looking at their income to dept ratios, credit, rental & background history.

We go over every tenants details with you and let you be involved in the final tenant selection.

We collect then mail or deposit your money right into your bank account.

We will contract with reliable and honest contractors for any repairs for you.

We check all repairs and pay the contractor when work is complete.

If evictions are needed, we file the eviction, go to court for you, and hire a crew to do the set out.

We can do quarterly or bi-annual safety checks on your property to check condition, air filters, & smoke alarms for an additional $40 an inspection.

We send you monthly and annual reports on your rentals.

You get our experience, knowledge and management for only a 10% fee on rent & all money collected.